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KubeLab's docs

Introduction, Who is KubeLab

KubeLab began a company a year and a half ago with a primary focus on addressing the shortage of DevOps and Kubernetes experts in the Dutch market by offering DevOps as a service. We began building a team of experienced engineers as well as hiring and training young engineers in the fields of Cloud Engineering, DevOps, and Kubernetes.


During our journey, it became evident that these talented engineers were often engaged in repetitive tasks. Recognizing the inefficiency of this approach, we started developing internal tools to automate and streamline their work. These tools incorporated industry best practices, ensuring security, scalability, and control in the deployments.


As our internal tools evolved, we began contemplating the broader impact we could achieve by making Kubernetes easy for a wider audience. We realized that the key to solving the bottleneck of limited and expensive Kubernetes experts lay in empowering non-experts, including "normal" developers, to use and manage Kubernetes effectively.


This realization became the catalyst for our mission to create the KubeLab Platform, where Kubernetes becomes accessible to developers of all backgrounds. By enabling non-experts to harness the power of Kubernetes through our user-friendly platform, we aim to eliminate the barriers to entry and unleash the true potential of this powerful technology.


At KubeLab, we are driven by the belief that every organization, regardless of their expertise or resources, should have the opportunity to leverage Kubernetes and unlock its benefits. Our journey is fueled by our commitment to simplifying Kubernetes and empowering businesses worldwide to thrive in the modern era of cloud-native applications.

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