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The Internal    Kubernetes Platform

Simplify and streamline the day-to-day, built by Platform Engineers, for developers

The benefits of 

The powerful self-service Kubernetes platform

That makes Kubernetes easy


RBAC, network policies, encryption, secrets and all the tools you need to manage your security in one place

Everything as Code

Always keeping track and synching your changes to your repositories through Terraform

Controlled / Control

Single pane of glass, a central hub without giving up your favorite Grafana dashboards

Plug and play

Seamless integrated with pre-existing clusters and resources


A catalog of product to enrich and build your own Internal Kubernetes Platform

Helm and Pulumi Support

Coming Soon

The Roadmap

Simplifying Kubernetes one feature at time

“What Henry Ford did for the car, we are doing for Kubernetes”  


- Matteo Bianchi, CTO

Our goal..

is to be the world's favorite Kubernetes platform.

Kubernetes has tons of benefits, but just like in the first days of the automobile, when cars were assembled manually by the hands of a specialist craftsman and were only available to the elite, the benefits of Kubernetes are not accessible to most companies because of the extensive knowledge it takes to create clusters and maintain them.

Until now, Kubernetes expertise has been reserved largely for big tech leaders, with lots of resources to pay those Kubernetes experts to manually create, update, maintain, and most of all fix their clusters.

By changing the way users interact with Kubernetes (through a simple UI instead of code and command line) KubeLab Platform can have the same impact on the democratization of Kubernetes. As the assembly line did for the car. Making it accessible and affordable for all.

Get to Know Us

KubeLab, as a company, took life in 2022.


Initially focused on DevOps and Kubernetes consultancy and offering Cloud Engineering as a Service it soon became clear that in the day to day work of these engineers they was largely repeating the same work over and over again.

We built an internal tool to avoid repeating ourselves. Within this tool we embedded practices for ensuring security, scalability and control.

We created templates for deploying Kubernetes across multiple cloud providers: AWS, Azure, Google.

As we progressed, we discussed the impact we could have by making Kubernetes easy not just for ourselves, but for developers out there. 

We realized this was the route to really achieve our original goal of solving the bottleneck on the Kubernetes adoption we experienced. If developers could use and manage Kubernetes autonomously, the problem would be solved. 

So KubeLab: The Internal Kubernetes Platform was born.

Help us build the world’s favorite Kubernetes Platform.

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